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Your invitation to join the Australian December 31st Superdraw with a chance to win
a Guaranteed $31 Million JACKPOT PRIZE and many other cash prizes.
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Several times a year, Lotto enthusiasts look forward to entering and winning Huge Jackpot prizes in the OZ SuperDraw Lottery. These seasonal bankrolls, called "SUPERDRAWS", pay out the biggest Jackpots and give the best odds of winning a cash prize than any other Lotto in the Asia/Pacific region.

In the next draw the Australian Lottery Superdraw will pay out a guaranteed minimum Jackpot, plus hundreds of lower division cash prizes.

Five percent (5%) of each regular Weekly Draw in Australian Lotto is held in reserve and kept in a special fund which builds up over a period of several months. When the time comes for a SUPERDRAW, this huge amount of money is added to the prize pool. This way not only does the JACKPOT PRIZE become huge - but ALL THE OTHER PRIZES GET A LOT BIGGER TOO!

The bigger the cash prizes become, the more excited people get, and the bigger the SuperDraw becomes.

Now you too can enter the OZ Superdraw from anywhere in the world!
How would you like to be the next Australian Superdraw Multi-Millionaire?

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  Superdraw Dates Est. Jackpot Payout
  Oct 22nd, 2011 A$21 Million
  May 14th, 2011 A$31 Million
  March 26th, 2011 A$20 Million
  Feb 12th, 2011 A$20 Million
  Dec 31st, 2010 A$31 Million
  Oct 30th, 2010 A$20 Million
  Sept 11th, 2010 A$24 Million
  July 17th, 2010 A$20 Million
  May 15th, 2010 A$20 Million
  March 27th, 2010 A$20 Million
  February 13th, 2010 A$20 Million
  January 2nd, 2010 A$30 Million
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